The Ethiopian Sports and Culture Federation in Europe (ESCFE) is a non – profit organization founded in 2002.

The primary intent, purpose of the Federation is to bring all Ethiopians and Ethiopian origin under one common sporting activity, and through the pursuit of sports to promote a sense of one Ethiopian family and diverse cultural forums at the highest level of excellence without any prejudice to sex, religion, ethnicity or political views.

The ESCFE first came to existence in 1999 with an initiative of few promising, highly thoughtful Ethiopians living in Europe were gathered together and organized a two days tournament in the city of Frankfurt. It was then the prospect of expanding the sport family with in Europe found particularly appealing and indeed widely disseminated.

The first historic meeting was held in 2002 at the city of Rotterdam and the ESCFE was conceived. The first governing body were elected with immediate effect as the motion was passed unanimous.

The first ESCFE tournament was held in 2003 at the city of Stuttgart in Germany with the participant of 12 countries. Ever since then, over the course of the years, the ESCFE has grown rapidly in numbers and has become an integral, instrumental and a popular figure for Ethiopians in Europe. Foremost, in addition to sports, the ESCFE is equally committed to promote the grand tradition and a thorough cultural heritage of Ethiopia to the European nation and beyond.

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