Great news
  1. Art Exhibition and Kids Workshop by Artist Painter Haimi Art
  2. Legend Footballer Zelalem Teshome
  4. ሮማ ታሪካዊ ከተማ፤ መጠንቀቅ እንጂ መቆም መፍትሔ አይሆንም፤፤
  5. ESCFE RADIO Program 29.01.2017 | 19 – 21 H


💚💛❤️ ዓመት በዓሉ ፲፭ኛው
✔️“ሁሉም መንገዶች ወደ ሮም ያመራሉ”
✔️የጀግናው አበበ በቂላ ዋንጫ
✔️✔️፲፭ኛው በአውሮጳ የኢትዮጵያውያን ስፖርትና ባህል ፌስቲቫል
✔️ቀናት ስያሜ>>
°ረቡዕ የፈስቲቫሉ መክፈቻ እና የሰላም ቀን
°ሐሙስ የቤተሰብ ቀን
°ዓርብ የባህል ቀንና ባህላዊ ምሽት
°ቅዳሜ የኢትዮጵያ እና የፌስቲቫሉ መሰነባበቻ ቀን: የበዓሉ መዝጊያ ኮንሰርት
✔️አንደኛ እና ሁለተኛ ዲቪዚዮን 31 ቡድኖች
✔️ታዳጊ ህጻናት 10 ቡድኖች
✔️ታዳጊ ወጣቶች 10 ቡድኖች
✔️ለልጆች የተለያዩ መዝናኛዎች መጫወቻዎች
✔️ለአዋቂዎች የተለያዩ መዝናኛዎች
✔️የስዕል እግዚብሽን እና ለሕጻናት ስዕል እንዲስሉ ቦታ ተዘጋጅቷል
✔️ባህላዊ የፋሽን ሾው
✔️ቀኑን በሙሉ ዘመናዊና ባህላዊ ሙዚቃዎችን በዲጄዎች
✔️እጅ የሚያስቆረጥሙ የኢትዮጵያ ምግቦችና መጠጦች
✔️ባህላዊ ልብሶችና ቁሳቁሶች የሚሸጡባቸው መደብሮች
እንዲሁም ብዙ ነገሮች
ዓርብ ባህላዊ ምሽት ና
ቅዳሜ የበዓሉ መዝጊያ ኮንሰርት
✔️በታዋቂ አርቲስቶች ጸሐዬ ዮሐንስ : ታደለ ሮባ: ብርሃኑ ተዘራ : ማዲንጎ አፈወርቅ ልጅ ሚካኤል እና በተለያዩ ዲጄዎች….
የሮም ሰው ይበለን


💚💛❤️All in One Festival & All Roads Lead To Rome!
 Fierce Senior Football Competition among 31 Teams
✔️Very Competitive Junior Football Matches
° All Ages Children Activities
° Adults Entertainments
° Exciting Circus Show
° Fine Art Exhibition.
° All Day Modern & Traditional Music Entertainments
° Delicious Ethiopian Cuisine & Drinks
Many More and More ad More…………..
Save the Entire Week and You Will Not be Disappointed.



 From Roma Termini railway station to the Festival Venue

Driving Car: 9,8 km | 35 minutes

with Train: Every 10 minutes | takes 40 minutes

 From Ciampino–G.B. Pastine Int’l Airport to Fesatival Venue

Driving Car: 18 km | 23 minutes

with Train: Every 40 minutes | 1 hour and 30 minutes

Getting around

Public transport

Run by the municipal transport agency ATAC (, Rome’s bus network is fairly efficient and extensive – unlike its metro system, currently consisting of just two useful lines, A and B, which intersect at Termini Station. A section of the new C line was unveiled in November 2014, but currently it serves only the city’s eastern suburbs; an extension to connect with the B line at Colosseo is not expected to be completed until 2020 at the earliest.

A is useful if you are going to the Vatican (direction Battistini, get off at Ottaviano), while B will take you to the Colosseum (direction Laurentina, get off at Colosseo). Single ‘BIT’ tickets can be bought at metro stations, in most tabacchi (cigarette shops; look for the blue T sign), or at newspaper stands: say ‘un biglietto per l’autobus, per favore’.

They cost €1.50 and are valid for 100 minutes on any combination of buses, plus one metro ride.

There are also whole-day (BIG, €6), three-day (BTI, €16.50) and weekly (CIS, €24) passes.


All tickets and passes need to be stamped on the first bus or at metro turnstiles. Children under the age of 11 travel free.

Get real-time information on bus movements by inserting the ID number of the stop where you’re waiting (five digits, bottom left of the sign) into


Roman taxis aren’t cheap. The official minimum fare is €3, going up to €4.50 at weekends and €6.50 at night (10pm-6am), but most journeys have a way of coming out at €12 or more, and a cross-city crawl in traffic can set you back as much as €30. Wee

Airport runs to or from the city of Rome are fixed-price: €48 for Fiumicino, €30 for Ciampino.

For a receipt, ask “Mi fa una ricevuta, per favore?” Two reputable radio taxi co-operatives are Samarcanda (06 5551) and Cooperativa Radiotaxi 3570 (06 3570;


In Rome, this is not for the faint-hearted, not least because parking is a nightmare and much of the centre is a restricted traffic zone.

If you are driving into town to do some sightseeing, the best advice is to park the car for the duration of your stay. If you find a good free-parking space near the centre, please let me know: I’ve been looking for one for years.