ESCFE International Soccer Tournament success
Leidschendam – Football was last week’s main sideshow of the Ethiopian Sports Federation & Culture Europe (ESCFE) organized sports festival Castles Ring in Leidschendam.
The parking lot of RKAVV / SEV was one big market, where the Ethiopian tricolor red, yellow and green (now also starred in blue dot) prevailed. There were stalls with (traditional) food, beverage, jewelery and clothing were, and a pop-up music and dance stage. A neighbor (81): “I am sat gone with my daughter and granddaughter football we have seen little it was only the people are very hospitable and cordial At the invitation I have traditional coffee in a tent It was….. parking expressed in our district all worth it. Is it next year? ”
On behalf of the football clubs adds Frans van Rossen (RKAVV) to. “This was the 1st after 13 previous tournaments organized entirely independent European federation. Previously, individual landencomités were responsible for that. We are going to evaluate, but also we have enjoyed with all volunteers. Who knows we are asked again.” And oh yes, Ethio Norway, Ethio Holland defeated in the semifinals, won Saturday night the grand finale of Ethio Switzerland. “SEV would have certainly lost against the winner and RKAVV have been pretty difficult,” said Rik Driessen (SEV). Google Translate.